Brianna Poster

Brianna was born and raised in Minnesota, but found a desire for travel at a young age. She has traveled to more than 8 countries and 49 states. This travel experience has helped her to see differences in cultures and to be able to connect with a variety of people.

She went to college for Elementary Education and minored in Psychology with a passion to both teach and understand others. After college, she trained with MTCNE in Connecticut to receive her Montessori Elementary certification through AMI.

Moving to California, she continued her career in Elementary Education until 2019.

She is a certified Emotion Code Practitioner and has worked as a Life Consultant, and she loves to help people of all ages (children included) to be able to connect with themselves at a deeper level and to heal emotionally.

Her wide variety of occupational experience has helped her to develop many different skills and to maintain a well-rounded perspective of the world.