An excerpt from:

The Power

(working title)

They stood before us: 1,296 men of all different nationalities, varying heights and sizes, but one cohesive unit. They stood still and silent, not a single one moving except for their breastplates rising and falling with each breath.

Marco spoke first, “Do you have a leader?”

For a moment, no one moved, The Intransigence stood as still as a mouse, listening for predators. Then, one of the men stepped forward.

“My name is Sosthenes, though I am not their leader. None of us are. We are all followers of a greater leader.”

“The giant?” Marco asked, pausing for fear they may not know his reference.

“Not even the giant is the great leader. Our leader has other names, many other names. You refer to our leader as The Power, to us, Jehovah-Nissi.”

“And where might we meet your leader? If The Power and your leader are one in the same, then The Power is a person, no?”

“No. The Power is not a person.”

Sosthenes sentence was complete, but his answer did not fulfill Marco’s requirement for answers. An army appeared out of rubbish. The reason cannot suffice to be that it was not the cause of a person.

“Can you tell us anymore?”

“It would be my delight.”

The Story of Jehovah-Nissi: The Power

Long ago, before time itself, The Power existed as it always had and always would. Alongside The Power stood The Voice and The Presence. They, like The Power, were outside of time and space. Each of them had a special role to fulfill. The Power would dream, The Voice would speak, and The Presence would fill, but how?

The Power would dream up incredible things, but they remained in its mind as worlds and universes, still being outside of time, still without taking up space, but The Voice would catch wind of what The Power had dreamed and would begin to speak everything The Power thought. Suddenly, everything The Power had imagined was before their eyes: planets and worlds, seeds of plants, figures of human form. It existed but was not whole, not alive. It is here that The Presence fulfilled its job. It breathed and with its breath came life that filled everything The Power had dreamed and The Voice had spoken.