"Great story of encouragement! Students of all ages should read this book, especially those that may find themselves in a bullying situation."

"Diamond Strength conveys the message of believing in yourself. I would recommend this book for one's personal collection, as well as libraries, because it has a very strong message of finding one's own strength. The author has put the message across very subtly so that it can be understood well by kids. The illustrations give more clarity to what the author is trying to convey. The pictures are colorful and they give life to the characters and scenes in the book.

This book can be read at bedtime and also in classrooms for read-aloud and story-telling sessions. It is important that authors convey a message, a concept, or an educational point to children while writing books for them and this is one such wonderful book."


"Diamond Strength is a great story of encouragement, especially for young children. I work with children who have been abused and bullied and could easily see this being used as a tool for counseling or just opening discussions on the reality of bullying and how to deal with it. I love that the main character chooses to rise above her situation and be an agent of change, this is exactly what we need more youth and children to do. We've all experienced some level of hurt in our lives and it would be easy to write off our own backlashes and negativity as fair or just but this books challenges that view and it does so in a gentle way. I highly recommend it."

"A quick and simple story that's easy to read but also easy for children to identify with while teaching an important message. The illustrations leave something to be desired, but they do support the story and show diverse characters. A positive book!"